Re: Singapore Airlines The A340 vs 777 saga continues

Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:37 
From:         "Mike Kotas" <>
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Someone earlier mentioned about who has not taken aircraft deliveries from
Boeing. First off, Boeing flies a majority of the un-delivered planes too
Marana Arizona. I don't know what planes down there have been delivered or
not, but I can tell you this, an ex-Asiana 747-400 was just flown up to
Everett a few days ago to start being worked on for Air Namibia. Also,
Boeing is currently storing 2 Korean 777-300's, 2 Saudi 777-200's and a
Saudi 747-400 in Everett.

anyways....who ever said losing 6.5 metric tons is not a problem must not
know much about aircraft (no offense). Especially at the stage of where the
A340-500 is in its design, losing that much weight will be a huge task...I
hope Airbus hasn't started ALL there tooling. Also, don't forget that the
added weight causes range and payloads penalties which will cause the
A340-500 to fall short of SQ's expected goals

Per the topic of headroom, as many people before me have stated, headroom is
aircraft dependent. Airlines do not have a choice of different types of
overhead bins and stowage units, except ofcour if they decided to retrofit
there own design onto the aircraft, and we all know that's highly unlikely.

    Mike Kotas