All-Cargo aircraft's lack of fire suppression systems!

Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:26 
From: (William Mac Gree)
Organization: SkyPoint Communications, Inc.
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There is still much oppositions to the ETOPS diversion time extension.
I'm quite amazed because I used rely heavily on ETOPS flights and it has
proved to be quite safe up to 180 minutes. Many opponents argue about the
number of engines, which is quite ridiculous since the most significant
risk is fire rather than the engine failing.
That's why a single argument has really impressed me and made me a little
more unwilling: the cargo aircraft's lack of fire suppression systems !
I didn't think about it before but now it's clear that,  in the case of
federal Express flight 1406 in september 1996, its close proximity to an
airport at which it could make an emergency landing was critical to
saving the lives of its crew and jumpseat riders when a fire broke out in
the aircraft's main cargo deck while it was 200 miles from its