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Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:24 
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  or MIME structure (James Matthew Weber) wrote:
> According to this week's flight international:
> Boeing is considering a 767-300ERX. Essentially a 767-400 with a -300
> fuselage, coupled with an increase in long haul economy crusie from
> m.80 to m.82, with a 12000km range.
> Obviously the A330-200 is in the cross hairs, although I think it is a
> bit late for that...

Oh, I don't know. I think a 767-300ERX as described would be quite
attractive, and may also give a boost to the so far less-than-stellar
767-400 sales. As things stand now, the 767-400 is a bit of an orphan,
being sufficiently different from the existing 767s that commonality
isn't a strong selling point. Give airlines the option of pairing new -
400s while also upgrading their existing 767-300s (or moving up a size
notch, if they're also operating long-range 757s, for example) and it
would become much more attractive.

Stefano Pagiola
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