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Date:         23 Jul 99 04:18:17 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
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According to this week's flight international:

Airbus Industries has agreed to offer the CFM56-5 engine as option on
the A318, in addition to the PW6000. It looks like Air France was
probably the driving force, but no doubt there are others.

The PW6000 has no commonality with engines powering any existing
Airbus Aircraft, which makes the costs of adding the 318 to an
existing A319/320/321 fleet considerably higher because of training
and spares. The CFM56 makes the A318 more attractive to operators
already flying this family with the CFM56 (and probably ticks off PW

Several 777 operators are apparently not very happy about the decision
to use the GE90-115B to power 777X. In particular United, Cathay and
BA have expressed displeasure.

My own view is the market for the 777X is sufficiently narrow, that I
cannot see a multiple engine supplier situation being economically
viable for the engine makers. The 777 engine market is already awash
with red ink. A further investment of close to a billion dollars
(which would be the likely price tag for RR, PW and GE to all offer a
115,000 pound thrust engine, although probably half of that is for
PW's costs), spread over perhaps 500 engines doesn't look very
attractive. Obviously the carriers would like multiple engine choices,
with pricing that reflects the volume production of a single engine

Airbus has denied the A340-500 is overweight, however they do admit
that they have asked the partner companies to study a 7 tonne increase
in the MGTOW... It claimed that would result in a 200nm range

Something doesn't quite add up here. 7Tonnes on a 747-400 is almost
400nm, so obviously a lot of that weight is not going to be fuel..

Boeing is considering a 767-300ERX. Essentially a 767-400 with a -300
fuselage, coupled with an increase in long haul economy crusie from
m.80 to m.82, with a 12000km range.

Obviously the A330-200 is in the cross hairs, although I think it is a
bit late for that...