Re: Airbus A300-600R

Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:43 
From:         "Frank Muenker" <>
Organization: Posted via the Nacamar Network
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Tim Lee schrieb in Nachricht ...
>>recently on a trip with an Airbus A300-600R I noticed that the highspeed
>>ailerons are being used as (landing) flaps during touchdown. Steering only
>>happens by the outer ailerons.
>I'll think you'll find that the A300-600R doesn't have any outboard
>ailerons - instead, it has a large ASA (all speed aileron), which is the
>panel you saw.  Both droop for flap effect on landing, although it's the
>differential between them which provides roll control.

Ah, yes, right, it didn't have outboard ailerons. But then I'm wondering,
isn't the effect there that you'll get varying flap effect ? E.g., if the
pilot has to make a major roll correction due to a gust then one of the
ailerons will be almost leveled up, thus providing less lift. Shouldn't that
affect the landing speed ?