Diversion without fatalities !

Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:40 
From:         Keith Larson <larson@vision.eri.harvard.edu>
Organization: Harvard University
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As many people remain convinced that a diversion due to an engine
failure might never occur, allow me to remind them of an Air France 777
flight from Brazil to Paris on July 1, 1998 where one engine shut down
and the jet flew smoothly for more than an hour to a safe landing in
Tenerife, Portugal. In that case, all backup systems worked flawlessly.

This fact is tremendous evidence of the technical reliability of the
latest generation of airplanes but it's also evidence of the crew's
competency... and luck. Neither human error nor any other kind of
technical problems occured during the diversion. Furthermore, the
diversion happened near Tenerife airport, the area of operations was
largely optimal with still-air conditions and perfect airworthiness.
Every thing happened as if they were in the simulator!

You won't believe me, but it's the single scenario that Boeing engineers
cited as an answer to the pilots unions which expressed some doubts
about ETOPS diversion time extension over the North Pacific...

Note: For some other good stuff, see ETOPS related news on the pilot
unions' website :  http://etops.freeservers.com/