Re: Airbus A310 question

Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:30 
From:         zigman <>
Organization: Lazy B
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Jeff Bowen wrote:
> I noticed below each wing were three (I think it was three) "pods" which
> looked somewhat like solid canoes which each came to a flat edge at the rear
> where they protruded beyond the back edge of the wing.
> Does anyone know what the heck those "thingies" are?  I'm not an engineer or
> an aircraft expert, but am just curious.  Also, each of them had a metal tube
> sticking out the rear from that flat edge.  What were _those_?

Those are called Kuchmann' bodies and the house the flap tracks and
actuators. Basically they store the drives etc which drive the flap
motion. The tube you see sticking out is probably the torque tube that
deploys and retracts the flaps. Russian aircraft (military and small
passenger jets) in particular are famous for using Kuchhmann bodies to
store their landing gear in. Hope that helps!!