Re: Airbus A310 question

Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:29 
From:         "Tim Lee" <>
Organization: BT Internet
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  or MIME structure

As a former AI engineer, this is an easy one!  The big plastic structures
are simply the aerodynamic covers for the mechanism that drives the flaps -
you'll have noticed on landing that as the flaps went down, these "canoe
fairings" - so your description was a good guess - as they are know in the
biz, bent down with them - they cover the flap tracks, simply rails down
which the flaps run.

The metal pipes you refer to are one of two things (I was on A330/340, not
A310, so am not 100% familiar with the aircraft) - they are either simply
static dischargers (to discharge static electricity to the atmosphere),  or
more likely, they are water drains, to stop condensation sitting in the
canoe fittings, and rotting the structure.

Hope this helps!