Re: Airbus A310 question

Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:28 
From:         "Pardave Lehry" <>
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> I was on a commercial (charter with Royal Airlines) flight to and from St.
> Martin from Toronto (I know, a tough job but someone had to do it).  The plane
> was (I believe) an Airbus 310 (seating capacity of 265).
> I noticed below each wing were three (I think it was three) "pods" which
> looked somewhat like solid canoes which each came to a flat edge at the rear
> where they protruded beyond the back edge of the wing.
> Does anyone know what the heck those "thingies" are?  I'm not an engineer or
> an aircraft expert, but am just curious.  Also, each of them had a metal tube
> sticking out the rear from that flat edge.  What were _those_?

Those "thingies" contain the screwjacks for the flaps.  The screwjacks
are really long threaded rods that contain what's called a gimble nut.
This nut travels along the threaded rod everytime the flaps are extended
or retracted.  Hope that helps.

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