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Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:25 
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JF Mezei wrote in message <>...
>James Matthew Weber wrote:
>> It has been announced that the engine contract for the 777-200/-300X
>> has gone to General Electric.
>I find it interesting that for the 777 family, it was seen as an
>advantage to have multiple engine suppliers. Why would Boeing now go for
>a single exclusive engine supplier for a derivative of the 777 ?

The risk of a single supplier has been reduced in the equation relative
to when these high thrust engines were introduced.  There was once the
possibility that only RR would deliver such an engine in a timely

>Is such an annoucement more of a
> "so far, GE has committed to produce the engine for this derivative"

GE and Boeing have become much closer with GE's entry at Shannon House
and the BBJ Partnership.

>If an aircraft has one engine brand (exclusive), does this mean that the
>airline signs a single contract with Boeing which includes engines (with
>Boeing dealing with engine manufacturer) or does the airline still have
>to negotiate separately with the engine manufacturer as it does when
>many types of engines are available ?

An Airline would need to foot the Engineering and Certification Bill for
another engine manufacturer to be offered.