Re: Singapore Airlines The A340 vs 777 saga continues

Date:         22 Jul 99 23:30:18 
From:         Michael & Iain Butler <>
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James Matthew Weber wrote:
>  (large snips)
> SQ customers are apparently not all that happy with the A340 cabin.
> They want more headroom, and more space (cabin width). While Airbus
> likes to advertise there is no center seat (and there isn't one), it
> turns out to be largely an academic exercise in the Business class
> cabin. The middle seat in a 777 or 747 is only filled if the cabin is
> more than 80% full. Not a very common event.
> According to the article, SQ customers are willing to take their
> chances with center seat to get the additional cabin width and
> headroom the 777 and 747 offer (and remember SQ operates all 3 types,
> so the issue isn't the service, or the seats themselves, it is
> obviously something about the aircraft itself)..

I can't see how cabin width affects passenger space.  Surely the
only thing impacting the passenger is seat width and pitch.  Has
SQ chosen a different seat for the A340 from that in the 777?
If so what are the relavant seat pitches and widths?

I agree the centre seat argument is a non-starter as about 60% of the
seats in both aircraft are on the sides rather than the centre where
neither have a centre seat.

> According to SQ management, the premium customers are also keenly
> interested in getting to the destination as quickly as possible, and
> are complaining about the A340's cruise speed. Whether it is true, or
> SQ is saying it to turn up the heat on Airbus is hard to say. It is
> certainly true that the trip to Europe in an A340 from Singapore will
> take longer than it will in a 777 or a 747...

This I can believe as being a major marketing problem.  No body wants
to spend an extra hour in the air unless there is some other advantage.
(more likely time of the flight rather than cost for a Business Class

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