Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         10 Jul 99 02:33:46 
From:         Pete Finlay <>
Organization: Expensive Desktop Paperweights
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In article <airliners.1999.715@ohare.Chicago.COM>, James Matthew Weber
<> writes
>Depends upon how much of the trip is supersonic. The direct routine to
>BGI would take them over/near heavily populated areas along the coast of
>France, and very close to Spainish/Portughese resort areas.

Not so, I'm afraid. Typically, the aircraft will proceed to Lands End
after departure, and then head for BGI on a direct routing. It goes
nowhere near the French, Spanish or Portuguese coasts.

> My guess is
>they stay subsonic until well clear of the heavily populated European
>areas, which would mean flying subsonic for about 700 miles.

It's probably sub-sonic until past Lands End, which is about 300 n.m. at
a guess. That's only about 100 n.m. further than it's normal
acceleration point when it goes to JFK.

> That would
>also account for the time difference in travel time. Based upon the 4
>hour flight, and distance to BGI only being 4000 miles. The run from LHR
>to Dulles used to be about 3hours 20 minutes, and is 3600 miles. The
>trip to BGI is 400 miles further, and take 40 minutes more, which means
>somehow that 400 miles is covered at about 600mph.

Your figures a a bit out. A 747 does LGW-BGI in about 9 hours to 9hrs 30
mins. The actual track distance from LGW - BGI is about 4,500 - 4,600
n.m. (I've haven't got the exact figures to hand, but will look them up
next time I'm at work).

LHR-BGI is considerably further than LHR-IAD by about 1000 n.m., and
accounts for the 4 hour trip in Concorde.

Pete Finlay