Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         10 Jul 99 02:33:41 
From:         Steve Lacker <no@spam.thanks>
Organization: Applied Research Laboratories - The University of Texas at Austin
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James Matthew Weber wrote:
> I doubt any pilot who plans on surviving would go into a dogfight with
> the burners off. Dogfighting converts aircraft kinetic energy into high
> G maneuvers, so to survive you want maximum possible available energy at
> all times. Otherwise you run out of kinetic energy, which limits both
> speed and maneuverabilty and turns you into the proverbial sitting duck.

Absolutely true. Trivia from a co-worker who used to work on simulators  for
a large Ft.Worth based :-) aircraft company :  one of the indicators of how
"dangerous" an opponent is in a dogfight is his "energy state." Experienced
fighter pilots can judge their opponent's energy state and catch him when
he's low (low energy state means that a hard maneuver is not possible). Of
course, planes like the F-14 Tomcat announce their energy state to the
whole world by the angle of their swing-wings :-)

-- Stephen G. Lacker
sglacker at texas dot net