Re: TWA and the A318 and 717

Date:         17 Jan 99 02:37:44 
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S.L. <look@the.sig> wrote in article <airliners.1999.32@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> The last sentence is a great theory, but in my years of air travel it
> has been the exact OPPOSITE of what I've observed. I've been delayed,
> rerouted, stuck in airports, and stranded FAR more often by new aircraft
> than I have by old birds needing maintenance. I have a number of
> examples, but as long as I may live, I will NEVER forget the night in
> DFW when not one but TWO MD-90's (less than 6 months in the fleet at the
> time) were unable to depart to get me home. The only "old bird" delay

Was the delay on the MD-90s due to mechanical, crew or weather
problems???  The two delays that I've had this year were on older
jets.  On was a 737-200 where they discovered a rather nasty engine
compressor problem as the flight I was supposed to take landed.
The other was on one of the older 757-200s (at least 10 years old)
which had a problem with the cargo door.  That took at least two
hours to fix.  The A-319, 737-300, 737-400 and CRJ flights have
all gone without a hitch.