Re: Engine start sequence

Date:         10 Jul 99 02:33:24 
From:         Steve Lacker <no@spam.thanks>
Organization: Applied Research Laboratories - The University of Texas at Austin
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Mike Hall wrote:
> PSLEIGHT wrote:
> > Andrew van der Plas wrote in message ...
> > >Why do aircraft usualy start first engine 2 and then engine 1, on a
> > >two-engined airplane.
> To diverge slighltly, why can't a 737 start *at all* without external
> help?

It can, and usually *does*. Ditto the 727. Both these planes, and esp.
the 37, were originally intended to serve small and not necessarily
well-equipped fields. Self-start capability was a must, whereas larger
planes at the time (707s and DC-8s) didn't always have APUs.

> because the pilot claimed he couldn't start wihout a SNAFU EPU? Can't
> these planes start on their APUs/whatever alone?

Probably he said " I can't start with a SNAFU'd APU" I was recently on a
727 flight with the same problem- the pilot announced that we'd be at the
gate for a few more seconds in order to start an engine since the APU was
not operable.

-- Stephen G. Lacker
slacker at arlut dot utexas dot  edu
sglacker at texas dot net