Airbus A310 question

Date:         10 Jul 99 02:33:10 
From: (Jeff Bowen)
Organization: Interlog Internet Services
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I was on a commercial (charter with Royal Airlines) flight to and from St.
Martin from Toronto (I know, a tough job but someone had to do it).  The plane
was (I believe) an Airbus 310 (seating capacity of 265).

I noticed below each wing were three (I think it was three) "pods" which
looked somewhat like solid canoes which each came to a flat edge at the rear
where they protruded beyond the back edge of the wing.

Does anyone know what the heck those "thingies" are?  I'm not an engineer or
an aircraft expert, but am just curious.  Also, each of them had a metal tube
sticking out the rear from that flat edge.  What were _those_?

Thanks for any information.

Jeff Bowen
Toronto, Canada