Re: Engine start sequence

Date:         25 Jun 99 01:33:03 
From:         "Ken" <>
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Louis A. Ramsay <> wrote in message <airliners.1999.665@ohare.Chicago.COM> ...
> In <airliners.1999.556@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Andrew van der Plas" <> writes:
> >Why do aircraft usualy start first engine 2 and then engine 1, on a
> >two-engined airplane.
> >
> >Is there a specific reason for this, or is this because of history.
>      I believe it actually started in history as the passenger doors
> are usually on the left side so the right-hand engines could be started
> even if the passenger stairs were still up against the aircraft.

New large commercial aircraft, such as the B777, start both engines
simultaneously - for economic reasons.