Re: Short DC-8?

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:40:07 
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Don Stokes wrote:
> Boeing's multitudes of models also cost it a lot; if Boeing had sold
> only as many 707s as Douglas sold DC-8s, it wouldn't have broken even.
> Much of the red ink was caused by the development of variants -- but
> doing so built market share in a game where airlines needed to be
> convinced that Boeing was really serious about selling airliners this
> time, instead of just doing a bare minimum of modifications to military
> designs as they had been in the past.

I seems that boeings propensity for producing many models might be
a problem in competion with airbus:
For instance
Airbus A310                Boeing B767
Airbus A318,319,320,321    Boeing B717,B737,some B757
Airbus A330/340-200/300    Boeing B767,B757,B777
Airbus A340-500/600        Boeing B777 B747

Boeing has 5 Basic airframes in production Airbus 2 (4 if you count the
low volume A310 and also the A340-500/600 series as seperate although
the A330/A340 has much commonality across the 200/300/500/600 range.