Re: scrapping airliners

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:40:06 
From: (STeveC01e)
Organization: AOL
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>other was a Tristar belonging to some bancrupt company that was
>obviously severely cannibalized for parts.
>How (by whom) are planes like these scrapped? Are there special
>companies that travel to these planes and scrap them?

Well, around these parts, we scrap our aircraft with Memphis Group.  I'm
not even sure where they park them, but the Memphis Group takes them and
cannibalizes them.

While inspecting an ole B727-100 [N106FE], we discovered an extraordinary
amount of corrosion.  Due to costs and questionable future of the B727
fleet(fire detection & cargo door AD's and noise restrictions), it was
decided to scrap it.  It was at a well-known west coast overhaul
facility and they offered to buy it for spare parts.  So, that is where
it will end its career.

Then there is always long term storage in Arizona.

Steve Cole