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Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:59 
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>What exactly is the difference between a 747 SUD and a 747-300? I had thought
>that the SUD was a marketing designation for what later turned into the -300.

You're thinking of the 747-200 EUD, which was redesignated the 747-300.
The SUD term was applied to 747-200s which were built with the smaller
hump and subsequently modified to -300 (aka EUD) spec.

An exception is a pair of 747-146B(SR)(SUD) aircraft built for JAL
which, despite the SUD designation, appear to have been build with the
extended (er, stretched) upper deck.

>Were there actually -200SUD aircraft that differed in some manner?

AFAIK, the differences between a 747-200B(SUD) and a 747-300 are very
small or non-existent, assuming you're comparing aircraft with the same
engine models and equivalent weights.

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