Re: Oxygen - Concorde

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:50 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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>The cabin windows on Concorde are each about the size of a large
>postcard (4" by 6" or so).  I suspected the reason was to limit the
>pressure loss during a high-altitude decompression.
>However, it's doubtful that the loss of a WINDSHIELD would result in an
>equally survivable condition.  Presumably, they've gone to great lengths
>to ensure this can virtually never happen (or is at least much less likely
>to happen than the loss of one of the roughly *one hundred* cabin windows).

As you probably know, Concorde uses two separate "windshields".  The first
is a retractable monster that is used in cruise and which is not part of the
pressure vessel.  The second is the cockpit window proper.  At low speed,
the heatshield part is retracted, since it impairs visibility somewhat.