Re: Engine start sequence

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:39 
From:         PSLEIGHT <>
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Andrew van der Plas wrote in message ...
>Why do aircraft usualy start first engine 2 and then engine 1, on a
>two-engined airplane.

As far as i know the reason for this is that passengers will always
board the aircraft from the port (left) side which is where the left
engine located (numbered as No1 on a twin jet or No1 and 2 on a four
engine aircraft). To reduce time needed to start engines and provide air
con, the No 2 engine is started as there is no risk of injury of pax
running into the props or being sucked into the engine intakes.

Generallty the No 2 engine is started from pneumatics from the APU and
the No 1 from cross feed from the air supplied by the No 2 engine on a
twin engined aircraft. Except for concorde which doesn't have an APU or
some prop aircraft, in their cases external air start is required.