Re: Engine start sequence

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:38 
From: (Ed Lukas)
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>Why do aircraft usualy start first engine 2 and then engine 1, on a
>two-engined airplane.

There are various reasons

The ones that i can think of are

1/ Engine nearest the battery or the External Power receptacle usually gets
started first because less electrical line loss on the shortest length of
battery cable during engine cranking (100-300 amps)

2/ Engine on the command-pilot's side because in the case of prop aircraft -
the pilot can ensure that no ground crew are near the propellers when they
start.Opposite side engine may not be visible to pilot sitting on the opposite

3/ Particular fuel loading or fuel cross-over procedure may require a
particular engine to be started first.

*** 4/ Passenger doors are usually on the left; the right engine (#2) starts
first in case of a last minute passenger rushing to board the aircraft does
not run into a rotating propller or the ground crew does not run into the prop
during last minute baggage loading.