Re: Engine start sequence

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:36 
From:         "Chris Maybury" <>
Organization: Netcom Canada
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    When I flew light twins it was routine to start whichever engine had the
shortest cable between its starter and the batteries.  This would give the
least resistence hence delivering the most punch to the starter.  After that
engine was running its generator could be used to replenish the batteries if
it had been a hard or cold start before starting the second engine.

On the Dash 8 I now drive we start #2 first as its on the opposite side from
the Main & Baggage Door.  This allows us to disconnect such things as ground
heat/air, even GPU and support the airplane on #2 while last minute items
are completed.

The larger jets with air starters have similar reasons for start sequence.
Often the aircraft is designed so that the engine which is most practical to
start first has the shortest air supply hose path.  It's the only engine
that will solely be started from air off the APU.  On all the other engines
there will be some assistance from the already started engines even if left
at idle power.

I hope this helps.


Chris Maybury