Re: Engine start sequence

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:35 
From:         "R W Walker" <>
Organization: Skywalker Pangalactic Holdings
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Andrew van der Plas <> wrote in article <airliners.1999.556@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> Why do aircraft usualy start first engine 2 and then engine 1, on a
> two-engined airplane.
> Is there a specific reason for this, or is this because of history.

Standard rule of thumb for fixed wing: first start the engine you can hear
(but not see). Then start the engine you can see (but not hear over the
first engine).

On twin engine helicopters without EPU assist, we always alternate which
engine starts first, on the theory that battery-only start is more likely
to result in an engine over temp on start, due to slow engine acceleration.
The second engine starts quicker, with generator assist from the running
engine. In thoery, this evens wear and tear between the two engines.