Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:29 
From: (Edward Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation
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In article <airliners.1999.597@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Pete Finlay <> wrote:
>Where did you get this from? AFAIK, Concorde doesn't really have a
>problem making it LHR-JFK or JFK-LHR. In the winter, Concorde flies
>direct from LHR - BGI, which is about a 4 hour flight. If it can do
>that, then the 3 to 3½ hours to/from JFK should be no problem.
>I can't recall hearing of a B.A. Concorde recently putting in to BOS on
>the way to JFK

Well, I personally witnessed this a few years ago at BOS.  It was a
rainy evening across the east coast, and I imagine that the arrival
delays into JFK made a diversion necessary.  Admittedly, this could also
have happened with other types of aircraft.

OTOH, I don't think it's a stretch to say that the endurance (i.e. time
aloft) of a Concorde is near the bottom of the ladder among
transatlantic jet transports in service today.


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