Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:28 
Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and UNIX, NYC
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James Matthew Weber <> wrote:
> Actually U2/TR1's and Concorde's are not likely to run into each other.
> A recent article in Avweek pegged typical U2 cruise at 65,000+ feet,

The Proteus, currently under development at Scaled Composites, is
specifically designed to fly for long periods at 60,000+ feet, where it
will serve as a telecommunications platform. Eventually there may be
multiple Proteuses across the US and South America, circling over cities
for which they will provide Net access. When I spoke to one of the people
at Scaled Composites in connection with an article I was writing, he
emphasized the fact that at 60,000 feet, Proteus will be well out of the
way of civilian air traffic. Foolishly I didn't think to mention Concorde.
However, as I recall, Concorde reaches peak altitude only over