Re: Twin Engine Jets to Hawaii (was United Airlines food)

Date:         18 Jun 99 01:39:22 
From: (Michael Turner)
Organization: SkyPoint Communications, Inc.
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>economic health of the American airline industry and, at the same time, it is
>responsible for aviation safety.  Conflicts of interest have arisen in the past.
>Are we seeing such a conflict now?
>It would be interesting to see any research done that shows a
>substantial increase in the reliability of current engine design over the
>reliability of the engines on aircraft such as the B-747.
>Does anyone know the real meaning of ETOPS?  I have seen it referred to, I think

Hi jim, i'm glad to reply to your question concerning engine reliability:

Actual in flight engine shutdowns:

RR Trent: 0.004/1000 hours
PW 4000:  0.007/1000hours
GE 90:    0.010/1000 hours

Since fifteen years, the FAA (among others), has established a process of
ongoing reliability monitoring of the ETOPS fleet carried out by a group
of experts (PSRAB), which lead to regular improvements in engine reliability.

The latest generation of ETOPS Aircraft (A330 & b777) and their engine
(PW 400, RR trent, GE80) now fully comply with the safety objectives of FAR
25.1309 (probability of double engine failure <10e-9 per flight hour),
in areas of operation where the mean diversiion time remains less than
120 minutes ( North Atlantic, Central Atlntic, Indian Ocean, Central Pacific).


Michael Turner