Re: Triangular Symbols on A-319 ?

Date:         05 Jun 99 02:09:34 
From: (Ernie Fidgeon)
Organization: Pangea.CA, Inc.
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On 04 Jun 99 00:59:28 , Michael Badge <micb@hotmail*nonspam*.com> wrote:
>The B737-300/400 (and probably others) have a small triangle marker just
>below the overhead bins marking the the 3rd row window behind the aft
>overwing exit marking the area (I won't tell you exactly where in case
>you're tempted to look for it :))where a window is located beneath the
>carpet. This window allows the pilots to verify directly that the main
>landing gear is down and locked if the indications up the front are not
>conclusive. There's another one up the front for the nose gear.
>There is a light in the wheel well for night time drama's as well.
>I don't know about Airbus though.

The viewing port for gear does not exist on an Airbus.   The visual
inspection gig is the reason for the markers.


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