Re: What's the weight of 747-400?

Date:         05 Jun 99 02:09:30 
From:         James Dees <>
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toto wrote:
> What is the approximate weight of 747-400 (without fuel)?
> What fuel load can it carry?
> What weight of payload can it carry?

OK, these aren't exact, and mostly from memory,, but here goes.  All for
Cargo BTW.  Max TOGW for a 400 is roughly 875,000 pounds.   Max Zero Fuel
Weight is around 660,000 lbs.   The Basic Operating Weight is somewher
earound 360,000 lbs.  So, Figure a max payload of  somewhere around
300,000 lbs.    And a max fuel weight near 200,000 lbs...

Again, i don' work with many 744's (unfortunite, i love the planes). hope
this helps

James Dees