Re: Short DC-8?

Date:         05 Jun 99 02:09:24 
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  or MIME structure (George M. Gumbert III) wrote:
> Does anybody know if Douglas ever considered making a shorter, lighter
> version of the original DC-8 like Boeing did in evolving the 720 from
> the 707?  This could have swayed DC-8 operators like Eastern and
> United away from the 720 as well as put even more pressure on Convair
> (as if things were not tough enough for them).

I don't recall any consideration of a shorter DC-8, unless you count
the original DC-9 proposal, which was for a four-engined aircraft that
looked very much like a DC-8 (I don't recall if it would have kept the
DC-8's fuselage, and since I'm travelling cannot check Terry
Waddington's excellent DC-9 book).

In the early years of the DC-8, Douglas offered five different models,
but all had the same fuselage length: DC-8-10 (original delivery
version), -20 (higher gross weight), -30 (first longer-range version), -
40 (RR conway engines), and -50 (fan engines).

Stefano Pagiola
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