Glide Slope Alterations?

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:42 
From:         "Mark Newman" <>
Organization: MRNet
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Do major airports ever change their glide slopes or other landing setups? I
live underneath one of the approaches to MSP (where the airliners are about
20-25 sec from touchdown) and last year, during an extended period of low
overcast conditions, I noticed that the airliners were noticeably lower than
normal, enough to get under the clouds. Not that I minded; it was a splendid

If the approach altitudes were changed, wouldn't this create problems for
general aviation (there are several GA airports close to MSP)? Granted,
pilots based here could be informed, but what of the occasional visitor who
for some reason doesn't hear about altitude restrictions and finds himself
flying formation with a 757?


Mark Newman