scrapping airliners

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:39 
From:         "Johan Stck" <>
Organization: Enator
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At a recent tour "inside" Arlanda airport (Stockholm) I saw a couple of
airliners that probably will never fly again.  One was a romanian
Tupolev that has a damaged nosegear due to some landing mishap.  The
other was a Tristar belonging to some bancrupt company that was
obviously severely cannibalized for parts.

How (by whom) are planes like these scrapped? Are there special
companies that travel to these planes and scrap them?

Old ships I believe are usually towed to their final destination where
they are scrapped, but what abt. planes? Planes are difficult to tow....
Are they kept "just about in flying condition" in order to fly somewhere
to be scrapped, and if so, to where?

Johan Stck