Re: What's the weight of 747-400?

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:36 
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>What is the approximate weight of 747-400 (without fuel)?

>From, 398,780 lbs
is the typical operating empty weight.  That's airframe with no fuel or
payload.  The exact weight depends on the engines selected as well as
the interior fitments and other options.

>What fuel load can it carry?

It depends on which engine type the aircraft has and whether it has the
optional fuel tanks in the horizontal stabilizers.  Boeing's page lists
fuel capacity in gallons, but I'm guessing you want weight.  As a rule
of thumb, a gallon of Jet A weighs about 6.7 lbs.  That's very rough as
it depends on temperature and exact fuel composition, but it's a decent
first approximation.  Combining that with the Boeing data:

engine     gallons    lbs
------     -------  -------
PW4000      57,285  383,810
CF6-80C2    57,065  382,336
RB.211-524  57,285  383,810

>What weight of payload can it carry?

Fully optioned, maximum gross takeoff weight is 875,000 lbs.  Taking out
the typical OEW and 383,810 lbs of fuel leaves 92,410 lbs of payload.
You can trade off some fuel for increased payload; AW&ST's Source Book
lists the cargo capacity of a 747-400 (passenger model) as 155,720 lbs.

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