Re: Fuel Dump Question

Date:         17 Jan 99 02:37:31 
From:         "Peter Mchugh"<>
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I agree with your proposition that people should be considered first...
and it is principally for our (people's) future that I am concerned....
continuous dumping of petroleum products (whether a couple of quarts of
used auto oil dumped in back yards, gallons of seepage from storage
facilities, or thousands of gallons of atomized jet fuel) being
dispersed over the earth for a hundred years can hardly produce a
positive environment for my children's children....Mind's eye sees the
gradual evolution of man's physiology trying to accommodate the long
term attack of all the pollutants we casually dismiss as "necessary" for
today's activities (in the instant case, dumping fuel as an inconclusive
intervention aimed at a nebulous safety benefit for a few hundred folks)
leaving us looking like one of the alien creatures created for "Star
Trek". The rational mind cries out for a more judicious approach (not
forgetting that other creatures may be equally important to earth's long
term prospects).

In the spirit of Bluecoat (and the holiday season) my thought was that
we could all advocate a position on this subject some where between the
extremes.... that dumping in some cases might be absolutely the correct
policy, but that we should move far from the current tendency to dump
anytime a temp or pressure climbs above the yellow, or anytime an engine
gives indications below 100%...or where landing weights might be
marginally exceeded.

Please note that these remarks are my personal point of view and may not
be consistent with my employers stated or intended policy...

Happy Holidays to all!!!!