Re: Triangular Symbols on A-319 ?

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:27 
From:         John Vincent Lombardi <>
Organization: UniPhone MP
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In article <airliners.1999.592@ohare.Chicago.COM> , Tim Hatfield
<>  wrote:

> Recently while on a United flight from Chicago to LAX, a friend of mine
> noticed a simple triangle symbol on each wall of the main cabin.  The
> symbols were repeated further towards the front of the cabin.  Each pair
> was directly opposite each other, but there were no other markings
> (letters, numbers etc.)  The model of aircraft was an Airbus A-319.

The triangles mark the optimal position for visually checking wing
contamination. They were adopted after the FAA required visual checks prior
to departure in icing conditions.

It helps the copilot look a little less foolish whilst fumbling around the
passengers for a useful view.


John Vincent Lombardi     
San Francisco, CA