Re: Crosswind landings in 777

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:25 
From: (Jeff Meeker)
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On 24 May 99 01:52:09 , westin* (Stephen H. Westin) wrote:
>In my previous job, part of my route to work went directly under an
>approach path to DTW; it was fascinating to watch the airliners facing
>one way, but traveling another. They definitely used sideslip.

If the plane is not going directly in the direction the nose is
pointed, then it is in a crab.  Its flight path will be folllowing the
center-line of the runway, but the nose will be pointed into the wind.

As far as needing careful retrining, it really would not be that bad,
because a crab method is eventually switched to a "wing low" attitude
just prior to the mains hitting the runway.  Its really a matter of
when the side slip is "put in"