Re: Crosswind landings in 777

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:24 
From:         "John Weiss" <jrweiss@seanet*NOSPAM*.com>
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Stephen H. Westin <westin*> wrote:
> In my previous job, part of my route to work went directly under an
> approach path to DTW; it was fascinating to watch the airliners facing
> one way, but traveling another. They definitely used sideslip.

"Facing one way, but travelling another" implies a crab, not a sideslip.
The slip is used to align the fuselage with the forward vector (approach
path and/or runway).

FWIW, the first few crosswind landings in a 747 were _very_ disconcerting
for me because the cockpit is _so_ far upwind in the crab!  Like everything
else in flying, though, I am getting used to it...

John R. Weiss
Seattle, WA
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