Re: Crosswind landings in 777

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:23 
From:         "John Weiss" <jrweiss@seanet*NOSPAM*.com>
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D_A_Ling <> wrote:
> Note to those who read this - he made it sound EASY.  IT AIN'T.  It's
> strictly a trained thing and it DOES take quite a bit to get used to
> it.  The only missing thing is the reason that "big stuff" doesn't do it
> like little stuff - if a "large" aircraft did it the way light aircraft
> do it, the swept wingtip would drag the runway (not at all acceptable).

In the 747 (and 737, I believe) the outboard engine pod will hit the runway
before the wingtip; in the 747 that's at about 10 degrees AOB.  I suppose
that with enough angle of bank the wingtip will hit first, but that would be
more bank than any sane pilot would ever intentionally land with...

Also, a "large" aircraft does it _just_ like a light aircraft -- rudder to
align the airplane with the runway, opposite aileron to keep it from
turning, add power to maintain desired sink rate.  As I said before, it
works just as well with an Aeronca Champ, A-6, or 747-400, as long as the
AOB isn't more than 10 degrees.  After 9 degrees AOB, the 747 needs a bit of
crab to help (and the 747 lands well in a crab, unlike the other two).

BTW, it ain't all that hard.  Just like any other aspect of flying, once you
practice a procedure enough, it becomes second nature.
John R. Weiss
Seattle, WA
ex A-6 pilot
current Aeronca Champ and 747-400 pilot
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