Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         04 Jun 99 00:59:00 
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  or MIME structure (Edward Hahn) wrote:
> As for the Concorde, remember, it's a pretty light plane, only carries
> 100 pax, carries lots of fuel in its delta wings, and has four engines
> to move it.  The F-22, of course, only has two engines.  Despite this,
> the Concorde can barely make it across the Atlantic, and sometimes has
> to stop in Boston on the westbound leg to refuel if headwinds or even
> minor delays occur.

True enough as far as it goes, but it does sound like you're
underestimating the achievement. Concorde might have twice the number
of engines that the F-22 has, but its engines-to-pax ratio is a whole
lot better. And those passengers will be sitting in shirt-sleeve
comfort eating fancy foods, not strapped into a G-suit breathing O2
through a mask and peeing through a tube. Besides, what's the F-22's
range in supersonic cruise? Could it cross the Atlantic at M=2 (without

Stefano Pagiola
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