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Most people have probably heard by now that AA 1420 (DFW-LIT) overran
the runway and crashed while landing on runway 4R in bad weather Tuesday
night at about 1150pm local time.  Most reports say that 8 out of 139
passengers and 1 of 6 crew (the captain, who was flying at the time)
were killed, though the FAA's preliminary report has the tally at 14
passenger fatalities.  (

The accident aircraft was N215AA (msn 49163 / ln 1111), a DC-9-82
delivered to American on August 1, 1983.  It was the ninth MD-80 to
be delivered to AA and was equipped with JT8D-217A engines.  There's
no reason to believe that there was anything wrong with the aircraft
at this point -- this is just info for those who care.

Investigators expect to interview the first officer tomorrow (Friday)
so there may be some early theories by the weekend.  It appears that
the initial focus will be on why the pilots attempted to land just as
a thunderstorm crossed the airport, with moderate winds during the
approach but gusts of 87 knots recorded about the time of the landing
and accident.  A key question will be whether the pilots had current
weather info.

More details are at which
American has been updating regularly.

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