Triangular Symbols on A-319 ?

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:48 
From:         Tim Hatfield <>
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Recently while on a United flight from Chicago to LAX, a friend of mine
noticed a simple triangle symbol on each wall of the main cabin.  The
symbols were repeated further towards the front of the cabin.  Each pair
was directly opposite each other, but there were no other markings
(letters, numbers etc.)  The model of aircraft was an Airbus A-319.

Being curious types we were trying to figure out what these things
meant.  They weren't marking emergency exits, as they were in the wrong
rows.  Other ideas we came up with were marking the wings (but then why
were there 2 pairs ?), or some sort of marker for hidden electrical
wires or circuitry.

Obviously this isn't all that important, but to settle our bet, does
anyone have any clue as to what these could be ?  Do they have any
significance, or are they just something that some bored kid stuck on
the walls one day ?