Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:45 
From:         "Tom Furnivall" <>
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I believe that Concorde uses reheat to accelerate above Mach 2 and then
shuts down the reheat and sustain a speed above mach 2.  On a normal flight
from Heathrow to New York Concorde will be climbing above the Bristol
Channel and when it reaches mach 1.7 at the western end the afterburners are
shut down.  By the time cruising altitude above 50,000 ft is reached mach
speed will be around 2.2.

But an aircraft designed 30 years before the F-22 was capable of supercruise
(no afterburner Mach 1+).  The English Electric Lightning was capable of
Mach 1 flight at military power.  Fuel economy and range was not the
Lightning's strength however because of the fact that it only carried enough
fuel to fly for around 12 minutes in afterburner.  The Lightning was still
an excellent example of British aircraft design - and 30 years ahead of the

Tom Furnivall