Re: Oxygen

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:23 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: >As a general question of high can someone go with out oxygen, climbers have
: >have reached the top of Mt Everest (29,000Ft) without supplemental oxygen.

: And, according to a friend who considered the climb, even those who
: climb Everest *with* oxygen suffer some degree of permanent brain
: damage from the oxygen starvation.

A good friend of mine, Donald F Updike, spent the year 1925 at 17,000 feet
in the Chilean Andes managing a copper mine, in an experiment to see if
such operation was economically feasible.  It was not.  Besides altitude,
the snow was 30 feet deep, so they were living in tunnels even outside the