Re: 747 "smoke" trail

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:17 
From:         jetdoc57@aol.comnopams (JetDoc57)
Organization: AOL
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Sorry I'm not quoting the original posting, but I assume that you all
know what a contrail is.  It is a cloud, formed by the right combination
of humidity in the air and the low pressure created by an aerodynamic
surface.  They are usually formed in the low pressure area on top of the
wing, but not always.  Fighter jets usually form little contrails when
they maneuver, and 747's are so huge that you can expect a contrail to
form on various parts, if the humidity is just right.

Modern day combustors are as close to 100% efficient as can be measured,
so I doubt anyone saw smoke coming from the engine of a 747.  Now, I did
see a helicopter engine pump 7 liters of oil through its rear bearing in
about 30 seconds when someone plugged all the scavenge lines.  That made
an enormous cloud of white smoke (flammable) that filled the test stand.

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