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Date:         17 Jan 99 02:37:24 
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>Do you know what UAL 777 airplanes are IGW versus not?  Did UAL use
>the N-numbers sequentially, i.e. 760-780 for the standard lot, and
>781-790 for the IGWs?  Or are they randomly scattered?

In most cases, when UA orders a batch of aircraft, they have started
with 1 within the chosen registration sequence, with aircraft numbered
in production (not necessarily delivery) sequence.  If someone else is
using the registration, they just skip it, as opposed to AA and DL (for
example) who keep the number but alter the suffix.

Thus, UA's 767-222 fleet is registered N601UA thru N620UA, skipping
N616UA which was presumably used at the time by someone else.  N606UA
was the first to be delivered because it was UA's sixth 767 off the
production line -- N601UA is worn by line number 2 (LN 1 was retained
by Boeing) even though it was delivered later due to its participation
in the flight test program.

With the 777, UA did things a bit differently.  Their launch order was
for 34 (plus 34 options), and they picked the N7xxUA range, but decided
to use the *last* 34 numbers, perhaps so one plane would wear N777UA.
They registered the first aircraft to be *delivered* as N777UA, then
started at the beginning of the sequence (N766UA) and numbered them in
delivery sequence from there, skipping the already-used N777UA.

Even accounting for N777UA, this means they're not in production order,
since UA's first four planes were part of the flight test program.
Those four were registered in their planned delivery order, coming, in
jumbled, order after the first six deliveries and thus registered N771UA
thru N774UA.  Fortunately, these were still before the first IGW so you
can just remember that the first sixteen aircraft (N766UA thru N781UA)
are non-IGW and not have to worry about the order within the sub-fleet
unless you're really into trivia, in which case you'd better memorize
the following list:

reg      msn   ln   dely
---     -----  --   ----
N766UA  26917   8   5/95  first completed revenue svc (DEN-ORD)
N767UA  26918   9   5/95
N768UA  26919  11   6/95
N769UA  26921  12   6/95
N770UA  26925  13   7/95
N771UA  26932   3  11/95
N772UA  26930   5   9/95
N773UA  26929   4   1/96
N774UA  26936   2   3/96  first 777 built for a customer
N775UA  26947  22   1/96
N776UA  26937  27   4/96
N777UA  26916   7   5/95  first delivery; first revenue svc (LHR-IAD)
N778UA  26940  34   7/96
N779UA  26941  35   7/96
N780UA  26944  36   8/96
N781UA  26945  40   9/96

The IGWs start with N782UA, and continue in delivery (and construction)
sequence up thru N799UA.  Then it gets weird, because UA ordered more of
them, and of course the initial order had run out the top of the N7xxUA
series.  The next one after N799UA is N704UA, then N705UA.  They'll most
likely go in sequence from there, possibly with gaps.  I think all of
the IGWs are due before the first non-IGW, so there should be a clean
break, but even if true now, things could change.

Since most airlines only bought the non-IGW version until they could get
the IGW, they also tend to have them in distinct blocks.  BA, for example,
has their 777-236 models as G-ZZZA thru G-ZZZE, while the IGWs are G-VIIA
up to at least G-VIIM plus, for some reason, G-RAES.

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