Tupelov TU-204, Ilyushin Il-114

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:14 
From:         dcoon@olg.com (David Alan Coon)
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Several new aircraft were planned by Soviet Industry before the breakup of the
Soviet Union. The Tupelov  TU-204 was oringally planned for 1992. This
aircraft is  similar to a B-757--Planned with Soloviev D-90A  Turbofans
rated at 35,275lbs of thrust. The Ilyushin Il-114 was orignally planned for
1990 (It ls quite Similar to the BAe ATP, powered by  2,500HP Twin Props, 60
passenger, airstairs door). Yugoslavia was scheduled to help with production
of the Il-114.  Were these aircraft ever produced, or did the breakup of the
Soviet Union halt their production?

Dave Coon