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Date:         24 May 99 01:52:11 
From: (kevin88)
Organization: Road Runner High Speed Online -- Northeast Ohio
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    I am the vice president of the North East Ohio Storm Chasers (NEOSC)
organization which has been operated out of Akron, Ohio for the past 3
years. We have been researching weather from our point of veiw working
together with meteorologists out of southern Florida and now have come to a
point in time where help is essential.
    Simply put, I think that there is a lot of relevant data associated with
aeronautics research that has never been looked at in the realm of
meteorology. This is the data that I need at this time. Back in the late
60's or early 70's (was it?) I know that Northrop, Hughes, and G.E. Ft.
Wayne were all trying to make a progression from the bubble (or liquid) type
instrument clusters on their airplanes to the electronically driven clusters
that we see today in most aircraft. From what I gathered from educational TV
(sorry, as it is my only source) these clusters had a tendancy to
malfunction or act unpredictably at certain altitudes with the original
designs. The data that I'm looking for specifically is what altitudes did
this behavior start/stop and what exactly was done to fix this bug? And if
there was any other related phenomena please feel free to add it at will.

Thanks for your time,

kevin88 at
North East Ohio Storm Chasers - VP
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