Re: Crosswind landings in 777

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:07 
From:         "John Weiss" <jrweiss@seanet*NOSPAM*.com>
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Any good pilot who performs sideslip landings regularly can compensate for
the sink rate by adding power (or, in some cases, control the sink rate
through the use of a sideslip).  It doesn't really matter whether it's an
Aeronca Champ, an A-6, or a 747-400 (all of which I fly or have flown).
They can all be sideslipped for crosswind landings.  The 747-400 even
introduces a sideslip _well_ before the flare when necessary during
autolands in crosswinds (even with only 3 engines running!)...
John R. Weiss
Seattle, WA
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