Re: Crosswind landings in 777

Date:         24 May 99 01:52:06 
From: (PS2727)
Organization: AOL
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The truth is that there is a wide variation in pilot technique used in large
airliners. Most do not apply a slip until close to the ground for passenger
comfort, but then some do not apply any slip at all and land in the crab. I
have seen pilots begin the slip as high as 300 feet but the passengers do
notice something different.
In all cases that I have witnessed it is much more preferable to touch down in
a forward slip with the longitudinal axis aligned with the runway and a wing
low than to land in the crab.
The fact that these airlplanes handle it so well speaks well for the
manufacturers; they make sturdy airplanes. Its a diffucult thing to do well and
consistently but sometimes I wonder if a few hours in a Piper Cub would serve
to refresh the technique better than a fancy simulator.